texas cichlid tank mates

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any ideas?? If your attached to your texas and you want other fish,I would try none cichlid tank mates. ... With a Texas Cichlid, there is no need to worry about the temperature of the water because it can adapt to both warm and cold fish tanks. Now this tank is a little crowded but the strange thing is they seem to get along. Cichlid Tank Setup. During spawning, their aggression goes up, so keep an eye on their tank mates. About a year ago I found myself unexpectedly with a huge blue Texas cichlid on my hands. Only combine the Texas cichlid with fish that can fend for themselves and will not tolerate being bullied. Falls between the two in ranking. Member. Texas cichlid tank mates: The Texas cichlid is a territorial fish and you must be careful when picking its tank mates. ? i want to get another cichlid like the texas, as in size but different colour. The tank also has an ellioti who is a bit shy. Midas Cichlids. he is in a four foot tank and is relatively peaceful, dosen't beat up any tank mates. Always verify your species’ needs before introducing them to your aquarium. The cichlid you select will dictate your tank size and water conditions. Exactly how aggressive a Texas cichlid is varies considerably from specimen to specimen. Kills/hurts anything thats not cichlid (because he can't), but have tryed other giant danios, catfish, alge eaters, a gigantc (6.5") flying fox, black shark, but he kills most and tortures the rest. i currently have a 15cm texas cichlis, not sure on the sex with african cichlids. A full grown adult male JD will overtake the whole 4 foot tank. I would add a group of around 12. (It might have been five gallons, and he was at that point five inches long.) Tank Mates For A Texas Cichlid. They will control the whole tank and kill or make life miserable for your other fish. Duanes pretty much summed it up,not the easiest of cichlids to get to play nice. If you keep red Texas cichlids, you will want to get other freshwater fish that are also a bit aggressive to be tank mates. You can pair a red Texas cichlid male … If you end up with a true Texas cichlid like H. cyanoguttatus, then that should be in a tank of its own. Large goodieds come to mind as a good option. The meanest thing in my tank is a Giant Danio. However, in general, the region you pull your species from will give you a rough idea. The Texas and EBJD quickly became nice to each other and share a cave the Texas dug out once the EBJD was in the tank. They seem like mates, occasionally fluttering and showing off to eachonther (no lip locking). Another problem you have is if you end up with a breeding pair across the different species. I bought him front a pet store that was keeping him a tiny tank. Jan 10, 2018. They have been together for a week. Here are 15 of the best tank mates for this breed: 1. (its a size thing). AxolotlAquarist. Now he's about seven inches long and thriving. texas cichlid tank mate? And, make sure the tank is big enough and has lots of hiding places for all of the freshwater fish in your tank.

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texas cichlid tank mates

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