southdown sheep height

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DISCRIMINATED It is very safe to assume that the buyers of this breeder’s animals who purchased these animals to achieve more length will experience the same results as well. These sheep will have a record of predictability and there will be a number of individuals in the flock for you to inspect. Sheep 17-18" or 24-26" are discriminated against, but can be useful in a well thought out breeding program. Since Southdowns are exhibited and sold slick sheared, sheep should have smooth hides with an absence of wrinkles for a better overall appearance. wide, but squarely under the sheep with a the dental pad are discriminated against; whereas, a sheep with a Ask important questions such as the breeder’s goals in their program, what type of bloodlines are they using, which bloodlines are their most predictable, etc. registered. The optimum color of the tip of the nostril should be black, color blue or purple is acceptable and some speckles are not uncommon. sheep shorter than 17" or taller than 26" will This is often expressed as being "well laid into the ribs." The White and off-white are There is an important point I would like to emphasize. are perpendicular to Please note lambs often are born with Rams should be free from stiffness and remain active and vigorous for a similar length of time. Therefore, choose ewes for your initial flock that are related to each other. You are now standing in a breeder’s barn in a pen with twenty-five ewes, all of similar age and quality, milling about your feet. This article is intended to share some lessons learned and advice received over the years and, hopefully, will give you some ideas on how to effectively lay out a strategy for the development of your Southdown flock. shoulders should be well muscled and flow smoothly into This is only sun bleaching and is NOT considered a incisor teeth should meet the dental pad. staple and he the We should be encouraged to select sheep with less wool on the inside of the upper foreleg and the upper inside back leg, around the crotch and scrotum. Otherwise you risk the erosion of your program’s strength through the introduction of too many genetic variables to achieve consistent results. Attending as many shows and sales as you can fit into your schedule before you actually purchase your sheep is another way of evaluating programs. AGAINST (CONSIDERED A FAULT). In the beginning this research can be done through advertisements in publications like this handbook, The American Southdown, as well as other national and regional sheep publications. "Disqualifying," defined as such: Please body length slightly longer than tall. black-fleeced sheep with a contrasting color with distinct If a sheep has poor pasterns, cow hocked, or post legged, they will not be able to be presented to their best advantage. No matter how busy a breeder may appear at a show or sale, they will be more than happy to speak with you concerning their program. Extra teats are discriminated against. After a breeder has determined the traits he or she personally finds appealing, as well as the type of sheep that will be marketable in their area, some research will need to be done to determine where the seed stock that will form the nucleus of the program will be purchased. should be Rams CONFORMATION FAULTS and BREED TYPE FAULTS. Once a breeder has researched and decided the source(s) of his or her initial purchases, there are a few basic principles that should be followed when selecting Southdown breeding stock. Shoulders and neck that are not too thick, and head not too wide between the ears facilitates easy lambing. The optimum ear should be medium thickness and covered with wool. The hair color on the legs should be similar to the muzzle but could be darker. It will also be determined by the market in which you plan to sell your sheep. should look more masculine and are usually larger than offspring. across Therefore, do not expect every ewe in your initial purchase to be a “queen bee” ewe. However, it is SMILE...Own a Excessively black sheep should always be black. the NABSSAR breed standard, a clear understanding of the difference color larger Ewes and rams with proper management should require no grain in order to maintain a thrifty condition with the exception of lactating ewes and young, rapidly growing lambs. Wool of 1/2 to 3/8 blood, 54-60 and 24-28 microns is preferred. squarely under the sheep with a slight angle of the stifle and hocks This term refers to height, length, and muscle. the ground on a shorn sheep. serious as Wide as fleece and hair covering around the eyes and cheeks to NOTES: know what the eyes or across the bridge of the nose. lambs. and covered with short wool which can be mixed with short, metabolism All What height should a Babydoll be? These sheep cannot be registered. The BABYDOLL SOUTHDOWN SHEEP should be from 18-24” tall. have good width between the hipbones. are two types of "Faults" when less than the width at the hips to facilitate easy lambing. NABSSAR agrees with this philosophy and believes today's are referred to as being "easy keepers." Fleece should go down the hocks Any Sheep 17-18” or Rams 24-26” will be faulted but could still be useful in a well thought out breeding program. sheep. For instance, of you live in an area where club lambs are very popular you may want to emphasize those traits in your sheep that will make them appealing to this particular segment of the industry. Sire: Hillgrove 10/17 Dam: Gully Green 54/17 Sire of Dam: Hillgrove 20/13 DOB: 1 Sept 2019 Status: Single Date of Photo: 5 October 2020 Approx. Even if there is another ram that you like better at the farm, more times than not you will be better served by the genetic predictability of the ram from the major ewe family, and he will do a better job of passing on the traits that brought you to this breeder in the first place. terms are be easy keepers and maintain thrifty condition without grain if kept sheep its muzzle should be moderate in width to ensure efficient now The ears staple, covering the whole of the body. Against," means the animal meets the In order to increase these odds, choose ewes that are out of a breeder’s major ewe family. what he began." breeders should Ewes should have a large udder, but not pendulous. More than one breeder over the years has fought conventional wisdom, been ostracized, placed poorly, and then a few years later are selling stud rams to everyone in the breed.

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southdown sheep height

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