sambar deer meat

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Young velvet spikers are very good to eat and many hunters believe the meat from these males have more flavor then the females, but we need to be very cautious about the harvest of male sambar. The longer it stays in the fridge the more tender it will get. You want to do this asap before body temperature drops and the blood congeals minimizing the effectiveness of the bleeding process. Once you get the meat home you can either process it and then put it in the freezer or you can sit in the bottom of a fridge for a while to age. If you can use bags made of a material that allow air to circulate through then that’s ideal. The length of antlers can reach up to 110 centimeters upon maturity. You can get an idea on how effective you are with your bleeding process by how much blood is in the bottom of the chest cavity, if need be, lift up the chest of the animal by its front legs and drain the blood. found up to 28 years. If I happen to shoot a mature stag, then there is a mountain of meat, but a lot of that will get turned into mince for pastas, meat pies, sausage rolls, etc. The size of the group varies and is found up to 16 individuals. @stephaniewatt2008 and @markus.jenkins.39 are maki, Our friends at Bairnsdale Horse Centre now have th, Check out the brows on this big wide Sambar Stag t, It’s great to see people out enjoying all the gr, Check out @jamiewildart_ incredible artwork, she h, Cape York Moluccan Rusa ..and ol’ handlebars by Lyndon Ryan. I always like to remove the intestines as quick as possible to cool the animal down. You will just ruin meat and that’s not ideal if you want to fully utilize an animal. Be mindful of not spilling the contents of the bladder all over the meat, learn to remove it properly so it stays intact. I always cut around the anus to free up the bowels so it easily pulls out with the stomach contents. From here on you can do a couple of things, either break the animal down and hang the pieces up in the shade with the skin on to lower their temperature or you can remove the legs and backstraps, skin them and place them in bags. Sambar deer, also known as Philippine deer, are statutorily protected by may be legally hunted through issuance of a seasonal hunting license and eaten in some Pacific Islands. This gives an authentic taste to the recipie 2.Pressure cook Toor Dal separately until mushy. There are two schools of thought with the skin, some guys will just remove it and place the meat in bags to transport it to the esky while others will keep the skin on to protect the meat from dirt and dust but also so it doesn’t dry out and loose moisture in a breeze. Sometimes you can’t pick and choose exactly what animal you want to harvest so I try to adjust the butchering process to suit the sex and age of the animal. Cause of Decline . Hanging the meat up to allow air to circulate will get the meats temperature nice and low quickly and that’s ideal. Hanging the meat in any breeze in the shade will soon cool it down and make it a lot more suitable for hitting the esky. It also found in various countries around the globe. Many hunters keep the bones in until they get home, that is fine and it can be a great source of nourishment for dogs, but if your pushed for space, then consider taking out the bones as soon as possible. Putting warm meat on ice will just melt everything quite quickly and if the meat is a few degrees cooler you will get more days out of the ice if you are staying in the bush. The meat from a young sambar, be it male or female is excellent eating and if there is a few deer in a herd or feeding out on a clearing then the younger animals are the ones to target. Side on double lung or top of heart type shots are high percentage aiming points that quickly kill the deer and normally allow some blood loss in the process. Populations have declined substantially due to severe hunting, insurgency, and industrial exploitation of habitat. If you have a cold esky on hand soon after shooting a deer, I still like to let the meat cool a little naturally before placing it on ice. If possible relocate it to the shade or under a tree and work on it. There is nothing wrong with taking a mature sambar hind as well for the table, they eat well, but again, think about how you are going to prepare her if she has seen a few winters pass. Australia and New Zealand’s premiere Sharp knives are a must and many hunters are now using boning and skinning knives from butchers supplies. Sambar deer is one of the largest deer found in Nepal. Deer have been very useful for many human activities including mainly in game and meat hunting, indigenous medicine, and farming. This needs to be done correctly including everything from the vital organs to the bladder and fecal pellets. Forest officials nabbed five persons in connection with hunting a sambar deer in the forests abutting Chaitanyapuram checkpost area in Renigunta mandal in … This will not only taint the meat but also potentially contaminate it with any bacteria that might be in the stomach contents. European wasps and even ants can also be a handful so keep these guys away as well. There are good noticeable differences between Sambar and other deer family members. The next step is to lower the body temperature as quickly as possible. for sambar deer meat identification by comparing Cyt b sequences using FINS technique is focused in this study. Illegal hunting, especially for meat and trophy followed by habitat degradation is the prime cause of the decline of the Sambar population. According to our results, the FINS technique has proved a useful tool for species identification enabling us to forensically trace the origins of … I personally think if the meat is going into the esky in a short space of time then its fine to remove the skin, but if I am going to hang the legs up from a rope over night around camp on a cold night, I would probably leave the skin on and then remove the hair before they go into the esky. In Nepal, it is confined in the protected area of Nepal. Owing to this, meats of other animals are sometimes deceitfully advertised as the meat of sambar deer, necessitating proper identification of the meats. Something else you can do is remove the bones from the legs, this will reduce size of the meat you are chilling and also allow the meat to cook quicker.

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sambar deer meat

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