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Minor scratches can be filled in with wood filler. 5 Ways to Refinish a Gun Stock Yourself, Plus Other Touch-Up Tricks. Technique used to refinish commercial M1 Garand rifle stocks. Most long guns made before 1960 have a wooden stock by default. They make some good water based sealers. If everything looks good you are ready to finish. 24 hours. Once you have removed the old finish to your desired level, you should inspect the underlying wood for damage. If applied properly, your new finish should last for years to come. It usually takes me about four hours to completely remove the finish from a rifle stock. May 4, 2018. This is not a very durable finish and varnished stocks will show their age fairly early. The final finishing coat is a commercial silicone spray, available from specialist auto accessory suppliers. Working around chequering needs to be done With use over time, wooden gun stocks can get to a point where the finish is dull and damaged. $6.99. If applied properly, your new finish should last for years to come. Birchwood Casey Perma Blue Liquid Gun Blue Finishing kit, Multi, One Size This is a finer finish than I would use for a GI-issue type finish. You can follow the grain of the wood, work on dents and dings, and decide how much or little of the finish is removed. These good quality steel blades hold a razor edge and provide the scraping action when drawn sideways across the stock surface. Once the waiting period is over, wash the finish remover off of the stock with mild soap and warm water. with care and the sharp point of the utility knife blade is also useful Since the wife is going out of town this weekend, I thought I would refinish my SAR 1 stock. Traditional ‘boiled linseed oil’ finish is not really boiled but treated so that it dries in contact with air. other than by applying patience before applying the stock finish. Another problem with varnish finishes is that they will mask the natural color and grain in the timber and they rarely do justice to a good bit of wood. Allow the repaired area to dry thoroughly before using the stock or refinishing over it. Apply the finish in multiple light coats for best results. As the All Rights Reserved. On higher end stocks you may want to use specialized scratch-filling materials, which chemically bond to the wood and blend colors to match the grain perfectly, leaving no trace of the scratch. gunstock finishes available. Stain only, no fillers or sealers. I firstly work the surface with a hard Carnuba wax, using a firm cloth pad. Once you’re 100% comfortable with the idea of refinishing your gun, it’s time to get into it! dangerous if it gets in an eye. urethane systems. I have found Birchwood Casey’s Gunstock Filler hard to beat. contours and lines and this is almost impossible if you start wearing Firstly, it is worth having a look at the types of finish likely to be found on commercial stocks, as the nature of the original finish will determine the time and effort required to refinish the stock. color of the wood, assuming it is walnut. Once you have dings, dents, and scratches taken care of, it’s time to put a new finish on your stock. A quick internet search will give you more information on these options. On older guns, especially double shotguns, great care must be taken when removing the screws, as they have very narrow slots and most standard screwdriver blades will not fit them. of the type of gunstock being refinished. They are also not very water-resistant, which comes in handy when removing them. The curved surfaces of the army knife blades are good for concave surfaces and the pointy end of the utility knife is ideal for working around chequering and into corners. The tools I use go back to the joinery and furniture industries and in those days were called cabinet scrapers. Throughout time, this produces an attractive and durable finish that brings out the best in the timber. I do not like glossy finishes, so have developed my own finishing treatment that brings out the best in the wood while being fully waterproof and easy to repair. Remington, Miroku, Browning and Weatherby are just a few of the manufacturers 226 Williams Ln. Be sure to leave ample time to dry between coats, which gives you an accurate idea of what your stock will look like at various stages of the coating process. The alternate method to remove your gun’s finish - and one that has become much more popular in recent years - is to use some form of chemical stripper. Made in the U.S.A. narrow your choices » Show Filters . This is a finer finish than I would use for a GI-issue type finish. Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by phantomak47, Feb 15, 2007. Dents and dings can also be repaired during this step. I keep a silicone treated rag in a sealed container and wipe the stock with it with each use. About Sporting Shooters� Association of Australia. This is rubbed on by hand and repeated coats will produce Author’s preferred refinishing method In the 21st century, I use both blades of a Swiss army knife and a section of breakaway utility knife blade. Start with a fine grit and work your way up to a coarser grit as needed. The heat gun will soften this coating and it can be scraped off relatively easily. Website by Hudson, The Advance and Dissolution of Erma Werke. You may decide to stop sooner or later than you initially planned. Check your progress regularly to avoid overheating the towel or burning the wood. If needed, you can use a rough sponge or steel wool to remove the finish along with any grit and grime remaining. ease of use. ‘Whiskering’ the timber by wetting is it an old technique but a good one; this raises the loose fibres and allows them to be rubbed off with a subsequent steel wool treatment. French Red stain gives a rich, walnut color with just a hint of red. Kingston, NY 12401, © 2020 Numrich Gun Parts Corporation. $9.69. First, remove the stock from the firearm if possible. These are typically very glossy and quite hard and durable. Joined: May 27, 2003 Messages: 1,172 Location: Texas. Once the conditioner has dried properly, you can apply your chosen finish. Check the woodwork for damage, cracks and other defects so that you can plan around them. Numrich Gun Parts Corporation is America’s leading supplier of hard-to-find, obsolete, and rare gun parts and accessories. Gear. One thing that nearly every shooter will encounter at some point in their shooting career is the need to recondition or restore a wooden stock on a long gun. soften most finishes, allowing them to be brushed out. The first thing to do when refinishing a stock is to remove all the metalwork. Add to Cart. This is characterised by being darker than the natural wood and producing a powdery white residue when scratched. Also, the contours of a complex shape can be followed. Take a look at your gun. Many high quality stocks have been ‘oil finished’ and this too will depend on what sort of oil is used. The main problem with this finish is that At that point, you need to look into refinishing the stock. Instead, I have found that a heat gun The scraper can be used to remove stock defects, provided that they are not too deep. I do not use any stains, as I prefer the natural Stain Colors for rifle stocks?? If oil continues to seep out a smooth and shiny finish. Buy a spray can of Deph finish and spray about five coats. Military Gun Stock Stains MIL-1002-02 Military #2 Gun Stock Stain $ 11.99. Technique used to refinish commercial M14 rifle stock. The basic rule of this stock-finishing method Snow. After a few minutes, the dent should be lifted out and the wood will look like new. It can be difficult sometimes to know when to quit.

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rifle stock stain

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