how to make slushies with alcohol

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I have also used ginger ale, and more recently lime La Croix, so it’s not quite as sweet. … By Tae Yoon. ... heat lamp drinking, and alcohol delivery are all worthy of a toast. Weekend Project. An easy and quick wine slushie with your favorite rose wine and strawberries.. A blended frozen wine drink to sip on and enjoy on a hot summer day by the pool or anytime of the year when you want a yummy alcoholic … It doesn’t really matter what percent alcohol … Most stores carry rubbing alcohol in 2 percentages. Frose Recipe – Easy Wine Slushie. Tasty and refreshing frozen rose strawberry alcoholic cocktail. These alcohol slushies are perfect for all those ripe, juicy summertime peaches. A frose recipe bursting with flavor. The delicious spiked slushie is made with cherry liqueur, cola syrup and a heavy pour of rum. To make the slushy, you will need: Rubbing alcohol; Plastic ziplock bags; Tap water; The ratio for the alcohol slushy ice pack is 3 to 4 parts water and 1 part alcohol. I happened to make the slushies during a 95F heat wave we were having in San Diego last week and at … When the slush is frozen, you simply scoop it out into a glass, and top it with lemon lime soda, like 7-Up.

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how to make slushies with alcohol

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