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A Russian oligarch reportedly nicknamed the "Sausage King" was killed with a crossbow in his sauna after masked robbers broke into his home, investigators said Monday. Mr. Flynn, 61, served just 24 days as Mr. Trump’s national security adviser before the president fired him in February 2017 for lying about his contacts with the Russian … A YouTuber has stunned millions of viewers by burning down his Mercedes. His body was covered with sores and his legs had been broken. Snowden has been living in exile in Moscow after initially traveling to Hong Kong following his 2013 public disclosure of the classified information. “If the president decides to amplify these latest smears about the vice president and his surviving son, that is Russian misinformation. According to, Mikhail Litvin is a Russian blogger who set his … WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump pardoned his former national security adviser Michael Flynn on Wednesday, ending a yearslong prosecution in the Russia investigation that saw Flynn twice plead guilty to lying to the FBI and then reverse himself before the Justice Department stepped in to dismiss his case. That is what he is doing, and we should call it as such.” Biden campaign adviser Symone Sanders: “And let’s just be clear,” Sanders said during a pre-debate interview on MSNBC. An ex-Russian chess champion revealed Sunday he believes President Vladimir Putin has sunken his teeth into “an enfeebled Congress.” Garry Kasparov tweeted, … Derkach and his Russian allies despise Biden, who spearheaded the administration’s efforts to reform Ukraine, rein in its oligarchs, and diminish Russian influence. Edward Snowden and his wife seek to be Russian-U.S. dual nationals Snowden has been living in Russia since 2013 to escape prosecution in the … His success lies in part in his ability to tap into a deep sense of resentment over the Soviet Union's collapse. After receiving medical care in Russia, Simba has recovered and is now a beautiful, proud lion … They … Despite a moribund economy, Russian President Putin enjoys widespread popularity.

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his in russian

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