fallout 2 klamath gun store

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When you're through, check the lockers of the Gun store … Klamath is a town built upon the remains of Klamath Falls, located in southern Oregon. Klamath appears in Fallout 2 and mentioned by Klamath Bob, Daisy Whitman and Lily Bowen in Fallout: New Vegas. Also consider rate of fire if applicable, and range if you're the sniping kind. Big guns: None, not at that level of the game. It is a small community of trappers that hunt the giant, mutant lizards called geckos in the area. So, you can either go to Flick's, close his door, bludgeon him to death with your fists, loot literally everything, and enjoy a really easy Fallout 2 experience, or you can go kill him, and just … 1 Background 2 Layout 2.1 Klamath Downtown 2.2 Trapper Town 2.3 Klamath Canyon 2.4 Trapping Grounds 2.5 Grazing Grounds 2.6 Rat Caves 3 Buildings 4 Inhabitants 5 Related quests 6 Notes 7 Appearances 8 Bugs 9 Gallery 10 References It is a small … Exit via the west exit grid to the Trapper Town area of Klamath. Basic rule: when comparing two guns, look at the ammo modifiers, especially the damage multiplier, and not just the weapon damage - check out the table in Items. Saving during a battle is also a good idea if the battle is long, difficult, or has a good chance of going ether way. Klamath can be found four squares east of Arroyo. Find Slim Pocket in a building to the north, and attempt to get his key for the door. Also, attempt to steal from the miscellaneous characters, especially any money, stimpacks, or weapons/ammo. First Gun You can find your first gun in Klamath in Vic’s Shack. Fallout 2 can be brutal and there is nothing worse than having to go back and redo everything you just did so save frequently. You can barter for it for $1, steal it from him, convince him that he should give it to you or simply pick the lock. Second, is that he drops his entire shop's inventory on his corpse when you kill him. Small guns: In Klamath you can get a pipe rifle from Vic's shack AND a 10mm pistol (way better than the pipe rifle) from the rat caves in the trapper side of Klamath (its on the second level just a bit up from the rat god/king NEAR a body not ON it) Or just store it forever in the trunk. Ammo weight is based upon how many rounds make up one ammo "item".

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fallout 2 klamath gun store

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