beyerdynamic ribbon mic

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When air pressure changes move the ribbon, its motion within the magnetic field causes a current to be induced within the ribbon itself, and this small current is tapped off, sent down a mic cable and amplified. It is often paired with the M130 for mid-side stereo applications, in which the bidirectional M130 captures the “side” channel, and the M160 captures the “mid.”. The Beyerdynamic M130 features a unique double ribbon element with a superb transient response, supplying a highly detailed, accurate and transparent sound, while its bi-directional figure-eight polar pattern suppresses unwanted interference from the sides. Beyerdynamic M160. The Beyerdynamic M160 features a fantastic transmission quality that is perfect for recording stringed instruments. dynamic ribbon hypercardioid mic. Almost every ribbon microphones are figure 8 polar pattern, and it’s quite annoying for certain recording situations. Beyerdynamic has been producing quality ribbon microphones for over a decade now. The M160 is an unusual ribbon microphone, in that it has a hypercardioid pickup pattern. The M160 has two ribbons, mounted back-to-front just 0.5mm apart. The current production version, called the “M 260.80,” has a reduced low-end frequency response; the “.80” suffix denotes a fixed high-pass filter at 80Hz, implemented within the mic… Beyerdynamic uses a pair of aluminum ribbons in the M 160 for increased sensitivity. Updated 2016. beyerdynamic M 160 Hypercardioid Ribbon Microphone. You get to use a violin, guitar, piano, or drums with this device. Description and Applications The beyerdynamic model M 500 is a true hypercardioid dynamic ribbon micro­phone with wide range response and high output, created especially for the most exacting professional use. 8. Additional Media. The Beyerdynamic M 160 is the oldest microphone on this list; this German-built mic has been in production since 1957, and there’s a reason for that — it’s an incredible sounding mic. beyerdynamic M 500 microphone. The good news is, we now have a hypercardioid polar pattern ribbon microphone, Beyerdynamic M160. beyerdynamic M 260 Hypercardioid Ribbon Microphone. Beyerdynamic M160 Ribbon Microphone Features at a Glance: Double ribbon design Hypercardioid pattern to reject off-axis sounds Excellent stringed instrument microphone Black and chromium plated to prevent glare from broadcast lighting Includes case and mic clip. A list of the 7 best ribbon mics including: Royer 121, 101, SF-12, Avantone Audio CR-14, AEA R84, AT4081, and Beyerdynamic M160. The M 260 is a hypercardioid ribbon microphone.

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beyerdynamic ribbon mic

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