al kanater tahini 40 lbs

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$3.50 . Iqbal Halal Foods has been recognized for its quality and a broad range of Asian products with the best price. Historically many Middle Eastern dishes were prepared with tahini. Tahini Kanater 1 Lb. $7.50 . 0 Calories; Up to 40 Calories; 40 to 100 Calories; 100 to 200 Calories; 200 to 300 Calories; Condition. For better and faster help with your online orders please send us an email using/click contact form $ 0.00 Cart Qty Add. Powered by Juniper Commerce 1 / 1 / 40 / LB * $ more info: Seasonal Products. All Rights Reserved. What’s new. Qty Add. Qty Add. In the future, we will be growing with more products and locations. We always make sure that our customers can find what they are looking for. ... $4.37 . Alkanater Halva With Pistachios Sugar Free 1 Lb . Al Arz; Woodstock; Al Wadi; Alkanater; BeautiFeel; Palouse Brand; See more; Calories Per Serving. 3.8 out of 5 stars 3. © Macar & Sons Inc. 2020. It is prepared by grinding roasted sesame seeds into a fine paste. Tahineh Extra Alkanater 2 Lb. Qty Add. $120.00 . Qty Add. $7.00 . We are pleased to bring you the finest quality in gourmet specialty foods, confections, gift, and gourmet selections in our newest catalog. Tahine Kanater 40 Lb. Alkanater Tahini is made from 100% sesame seeds. Sesame seeds are very rich in poly-unsaturated oils giving tahini its creamy nutty texture. TAHINI: AL KANATER. View all PRODUCTS. View all PRODUCTS. We keep bringing new products to our store. (425) 251-8750 We are also one of the largest food wholesalers. New; Used; Advertisement Alkanater Tahina Extra ... Sesame Candy x 2 PACK (Pistachio 1 Lb , Plain 1 Lb) Set.

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al kanater tahini 40 lbs

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