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It leaves Pune at 15:20 on day 1 and reaches Indore at 09:50 on day 2.It takes 18 hrs 30 mins to reach from its source to the destination. About PUNE Indore Special (01109) PUNE Indore Special runs between Pune Junction and Indore Junction Bg . The fastest train from Pune to Indore is 02943 Pune Indore Spl. 02943 / 02944) Train No. Indian Railway Train Fare & Reservation Availability - 22943/Pune - Indore Express (Via Kalyan) (PT) (offers Premium Tatkal tickets) Departs @ 15:30 Arrives @ 08:30 Journey Time:17h 0m 16 halts halts India Rail Info is a Busy Junction for Travellers & Rail Enthusiasts. However, the large number of trains on this route provides direct and easy connectivity catering to the needs of all types of travellers.Besides Pune to Lucknow Trains, you can also book hotels in Pune and Indore cities at Goibibo. Indore Jn Bg and Pune Jn are approximately kilometers far from one another. 02944 will leave from Indore at 14.35 hrs and arrive Pune at 08.05 hrs. 02943 Pune-Indore Special train will leave from (Every Mon, Fri, Sat) Pune at 15.30 hrs & will reach Indore at 08.30 hrs and train running time between the station 17 hour and 0 minutes. The Pune to Indore train route witnesses regular rush of travellers. It covers the distance of 972km in 17.00 hrs. Special train no. The train 19311 is named as PUNE INDORE EXP. Pune is located in the state of Maharashtra and Indore is located in the state of Madhya Pradesh.The two cities are located at a distance of 972kms. Special train no. 02943 will leave from Pune at 15.30 hrs and arrive Indore at 08.30 hrs Frequency per week: 5 Days 392 New Special Train from 20-10-2020 Everyday many travellers commute on the Indore Jn Bg and Pune Jn railway route and as many as 0 IRCTC trains run between two stations i.e Indore Jn Bg to Pune Jn (INDB to PUNE). For the convenience of passengers, Western Railway has decided to run special train between Pune-Indore-Pune (Train No. Travel Time: 17h 0m 16 halts Distance: 966 km Avg Speed: 57 km/hr Max Permissible Speed: 110 km/hr between VR/Virar and UJN/Ujjain Junction Total duration of the train from Pune Junction to Indore Junction Bg is 1d 19h 40m. The fastest train from Pune Jn to Indore Jn Bg is PUNE INDORE SPL (02943) departs at 15.30 and train runs on M F Sa. 02943 Pune-Indore special train. It takes about 17hr hours to reach Indore. Train No. The Shortest Route between Pune Jn and Indore Jn is 61 km (6%) shorter. This train leaves Pune (PUNE) at 15:30:00 and reaches Indore (INDB) at … Train number 19311 is a train running between Pune and Indore. Regarding PUNE Indore Special timings, this train departs at 19:50 from the source station to arrive at the destination station at 15:30 .

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a sha tainan noodle where to buy

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